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The Takeda Initiative (2010–Present)

The Takeda Initiative (2010–Present)

Given the critical role of the private sector in the fight against AIDS, TB, and malaria, one of the central roles that FGFJ plays in Japan is that of a coordinator between the Global Fund and Japanese corporations.

Takeda Pharmaceutical has been supporting the Global Fund since 2010, making it the longest corporate partnership to date in contributing to the fight against communicable diseases. Based on its commitment to “Better Health and a Brighter Future,” the company launched the “Takeda Initiative” in a ten-year commitment to contribute approximately US1$ million per year to help strengthen the capacity of health workers in Africa.

It then renewed this partnership for a further five years in 2019 as the first private sector pledge at the Sixth Replenishment. Called the “Takeda Initiative 2,” this next phase of partnership supports the improvement of maternal and child health by integrating quality HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria services in antenatal and postnatal care in Africa. FGFJ helped make the original connection between Takeda Pharmaceutical and the Global Fund, and has continued to facilitate communication between the two for a successful continuation of the partnership. FGFJ also tries to leverage the unprecedented Japanese corporate contribution to encourage other companies in Japan to contribute to the work of the Global Fund as well.

Objectives of the Takeda Initiative

Takeda Initiative 2

[2020–2024: Improvement of maternal and child health by integrating quality HIV, TB, and malaria services in antenatal and postnatal care in several priority countries in Africa]

Takeda Initiative 1

[2010–2019: Health system strengthening and human capacity development initiatives in Africa]

  • To support human capacity development for health system strengthening in developing countries. As the first phase of the initiative, Takeda is supporting the following Global Fund projects in Africa:
  • Tanzania (target disease: malaria)
    National Insecticide Treated Nets Implementation Plan (NATNETS)
    —Strengthening the system for distributing insecticide-treated nets and developing the human resources engaged in promoting the use and dissemination of nets
  • Nigeria (target disease: HIV/AIDS)
    Scale-up of comprehensive HIV/AIDS treatment, care, and support
    — Training of staff members of not-for-profit and grassroots organizations engaged in providing community-based care for HIV/AIDS patients and orphans, and carrying out advocacy and awareness-raising activities
  • Kenya (target disease: tuberculosis)
    Reinforcement of TB control
    — Capacity development for health workers engaged in tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment
  • To support the Global Fund in its public relations and advocacy activities in Japan

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